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I Poured My Heart and Soul into it… and it Finally Got Published!

Between protracted shifts and little sleep, finding the time to write has been really challenging. This is why I was extremely elated when I discovered that one of my articles from late last year about the importance of setting boundaries was picked up by a member of Medium’s staff and republished in their official, featured,…

The Top 5 Most Under-Rated Pieces of Early 2000’s Internet Slang

Ah the early 2000’s, hard back books were in and mobile phones still had all the buttons. The internet was just beginning to take off, chat rooms and forums were all the craze and YouTube wasn’t even a thing yet! MSN? AOL? MySpace? Now defunct, back then they felt like the cornerstone of adolescent and…

Positive Takes on the Pandemic Situation

It’s not even six in the morning yet and I’m already up out of bed. I’ve tidied up the flat, the dishwasher is rumbling and I’ve got my cup of coffee from the cafetière…

I Got Published for the First Time!

Somehow between the manic shifts, back-to-back double shifts and now a set of weekend night shifts that I’m starting I managed to achieve a major milestone in my writing journey. I got published for the first time ever! Wit Woo!..

Bring on 2021 – The #GratitudeChallenge.

“You would be forgiven for seeing 2021 as simply another number given the fact that we’re still mostly in lockdown around the world and not much has changed. It’s easy to give into anger and despair – but the antidote to despair is gratitude.”

Choose to be Happy.

“In the same way, whenever I find clouds blocking the stars out of my night sky, I know that beyond the clouds the billions of stars are still there. Eventually the clouds will move on and the stars will return to my night sky once more. There’s a comfort I’ve found in knowing that there…

The Heroic Thing To Do.

“To those people I say, to try and cope in the face of a storm is a heroic thing to do. Trying to cope means ‘I am not giving up, no matter how hard it gets’…”

The Best Version of You.

“You’re going to make it through, there’s no question about that. But when you do make it through to the other side, you want to make it through with all your friendships and relationships in tact. You want to make it through still being with your partner and able to laugh with your mates. That’s…


We’re all on a journey of some kind, and I miss you. I miss the person I was at the start of this year; passionate about my work, joyful and optimistic. I’m on a journey to try and find him again…


The only thing you have left is you. You and the way the events changed you, the impact they left on you…

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words.

That will be the only full reference to the cliche saying, I promise. During lockdown I bought myself an entry level DSLR camera to fend off the idleness of being stuck at home unable even to do the most basic things to pass the time as I recovered from dislocating my left shoulder earlier this…