True Love is Driving your Partner in the Snow.

It’s England, it’s February, it’s two months after Christmas and it’s *finally* snowed. Typical.

Having woken up only in the evening due to being on nights, by the time I had got out the sky had darkened but the snow had set brilliantly.

When I woke up late yesterday afternoon from the night shift my Instagram feed was already a blizzard of snowy scenes photographed from the comfort of everyone’s living rooms and kitchen counters. It was too late to add my own, the sun was already starting to set and the crunchy snow had begun to reflect the street lights like twinkling stars under-foot.

Sure, the snow is beautiful etc., but when I’m preparing for my final night shift and I’m hit with the double whammy of the the cancelled trains and cancelled rail-replacement bus service because of said snow, I struggle to see the appeal.

I began to pack my bag and order an Uber to take me to the nearest underground station that was still running- half an hour a way- when my partner chimed up “Don’t worry about that, I’ll take you”.

We scrambled to the car and after wrestling with the heating to try and melt the ice from the windshield we armed ourselves with plastic bags and together clawed and scraped at the layer of frost that had stubbornly stuck to the glass. It was comedy. Eventually we got going and arrived at the station in one piece.

Sure, I could have just sat silently in the back of a cab whilst she stayed at home watching TV but that I think that sort of illustrates the point of what I’m writing about better than any combination of words.

Over 2 years of being together moments like these remind me just how lucky I am, to be with a woman as wonderful as her. It’s in the small things, you know?

I’m typing this post out on my phone, on the way home from my final night shift. I’m taking a few days off now while the rest of the world gets back to work.

I think to myself on this train.

She is the best of me, 100%.

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Stay safe out there this week guys!
– Mike!

Published by Mike

Hi I'm Mike! I'm a Progressive Christian and I work on the front line in the Emergency Services in London. I live with my wonderful partner in a quiet little town just outside of the city, 🇬🇧. I'm a writer over on and I blog about my writing journey, books/the literary world, the faith, the mind, the heart and the soul as well as all the other day-to-day adventures I pick up along the way!

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